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HF-7 Premium


1.Cover with tips holder—-It’s very convenient to put the tips onto the holder.

2.Up to hold 1000ml water—-No need to hold water many times.

3.Up to 11 rotating interchangeable tips—-For various use such as tongue cleaning,orthodontic,periodontal,nasal irrigation

4.5-110 PSI with 1200 pulses per minute—-The most effective frequency works best

5.Combination of water pressure and pulsations—-Cleans deep between teeth and below the gumline where regular flossing can’t reach

Product Description

All these problems can be resolved by water flosser.


Advantages of HF-7Premium:

-7P.jpgParts name of HF-7Premium:

HF-7 xijietu.png

Unit size:9.1*6.1*7.8 inches

Weight:3.53 pounds

Pressure: 5-110 PSI

Pressure settings: 6 settings

Tips included: 11 tip

(4 pcs Jet tips;2 pcs Tongue cleaner tips;1 pcs Periodontal tips;1 pcs Orthodontic tips;1 pcs Moisturizing mist spray tip;1 pcs Cleaning irrigation tip,1 pcs toothbrush tip)

Power: 45 W

Reservoir volume: 1000ml

Units/Carton: 3 units


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