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How to choose proper tips?

We have more than 6 kinds of tips in total. The following are applicable instructions for different tips.


1. Standard Jet tip: It is a general use tip.

2. Periodontal tip: It is for people who are in process of orthodontic or dental implant.

3. Orthodontic tip: It is for cleaning braces or other difficult reach areas.

4. Toothbrush tip: Loosen debris and large food particles.

5. Tongue cleaner tip: Cleaning tongue coating.

6. Nasal tip: Cleaning your nose.


Note: The longest life span of all types of jet tips is about 3-4 months. If the tip is not replaced for a long time, it may affect the water flosser performance, so we suggest you replace the tip in time.

Can I buy replacement parts for the water flosser?

Some replacement parts are available on our online store, while others are not.

Accessories such as nozzles, charging cables, etc. can be purchased directly on Amazon; other accessories such as water tank, gravity ball, handle, etc. are not sold on Amazon. If you need it, please send an email to contact us and we will apply to send it to you, for free, from our factory.

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