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Replace, Return and Refund Guarantee

If there are any quality issues with the water flosser you purchased, please send us an email on our official website and include your order number in the email. As long as your order is within the warranty period, we can apply for a free new replacement or full refund for you. And for your convenience, defective flosser don’t need to be sent back to us.


How to clean the water flosser ?

1.Clean the outside of unit. Wipe down with soft cloth.

2.Clean the internal part. Mix white vinegar with warm water.  Run solution through unit.

3.Clean the handle. remove the tip.Soak in vinegar and water for 5-7 minutes.

4.Clean the floss tip. Soak tip in hydrogen peroxide or white vinegar for 5 minutes.

How to prevent machine from getting mold?

1.Please keep the water tank and handle empty and dry after each use,this will perfectly prevent mold growth.(at least don't leave water in it overnight.)

2.Also please clean out the machine periodically with vinegar and water.


What to do If your water flosser has leaking issue?

For countertop models:

Please confirm where is the specific part of the leaking

1. If the leaking is from the handle, please check whether the nozzle is broken and also please make sure the tip is tightly lock into the handle with a click sound when you insert it.

2. If the leaking is from the bottom and leaking seriously, the water tank maybe broken, then please contact our customer support team through our official website, and we will send you a new water tank.


For portable models:

Please confirm where is the specific part of the leaking

1. If the leaking is from the connection part of the nozzle, please check whether the nozzle is broken and also please make sure the tip is tightly lock into the handle with a click sound when you insert it.

2. If the leaking is from the connection part of the water tank, please remove the seal ring and reinstall.

3. If it leaks seriously due to the broken water tank, we will send a new replaced water tank.


Note: Usually, there will be a little water leaking from the seal of the shell. It is normal. Because we have a special design of our product and it protect the motor, battery and circuit board in separate room to ensure water don't goes into these key parts, therefore extra water remained inside of the shell will seep out slowly after using. In this case, our suggestion is to let the device run several more seconds after your each cleaning to drain extra water out.

How to clean your Water Flosser Jet Tips?

Clean Your Jet Tips

  1. Remove the Water Flosser tip from the unit using the eject button.
  2. Soak the tip in a container of hydrogen peroxide or white vinegar for 5-7 minutes.
  3. Rinse the tip under warm water.

Note: For maximum effectiveness, replace Water Flosser tips every 3-6 months as the tips can become clogged and/or affected by mineral deposits.

What to do about motor makes sound but no water coming out?

The main reason of the motor makes sound but no water coming out is that the nozzle head blocks or the pump is damaged.

If the water flosser stops spraying water, we suggest you try the following suggestions. (Note:this suggestion is only suitable for the portable models.)

1. Clean jet tip or change a new tip to avoid tip block reason.

2. Add water to the place where the tip was injected. (Operating this when the device is running and below is a picture for your reference.)


If it still doesn’t work after you trying, then please send email to us through our official website, and we will provide warranty for you.

How to choose proper tips?

We have more than 6 kinds of tips in total. The following are applicable instructions for different tips.


1. Standard Jet tip: It is a general use tip.

2. Periodontal tip: It is for people who are in process of orthodontic or dental implant.

3. Orthodontic tip: It is for cleaning braces or other difficult reach areas.

4. Toothbrush tip: Loosen debris and large food particles.

5. Tongue cleaner tip: Cleaning tongue coating.

6. Nasal tip: Cleaning your nose.


Note: The longest life span of all types of jet tips is about 3-4 months. If the tip is not replaced for a long time, it may affect the water flosser performance, so we suggest you replace the tip in time.

What to do about only lasting few minutes with full charge?

1. Try recharging with other charging device to avoid the charging failure caused by the defective charging cable or the voltage instability of the adapter.

2. If recharging doesn’t solve the issue, the battery maybe dead, then please contact our customer support team through our official website.


Note: Regarding charging the device, in normal situation, if the red light blinking, it means out of power and need to be charged. 

When it is charging, the blue light flashes, and after fully charged, it remains blue light. Usually, it may takes 4-5 hours to be fully charged.

Can I buy replacement parts for the water flosser?

Some replacement parts are available on our online store, while others are not.

Accessories such as nozzles, charging cables, etc. can be purchased directly on Amazon; other accessories such as water tank, gravity ball, handle, etc. are not sold on Amazon. If you need it, please send an email to contact us and we will apply to send it to you, for free, from our factory.

How to contact the seller for warranty?

The steps to contact us for warranty service are as follows:

1.Find our contact information:  

After purchasing products, be sure to keep proof of purchase, such as electronic invoices, instructions, etc. This is an important document when applying for warranty service in the future.

2.Contact us:

Leave a message online on our official website or send an email through the support window to communicate with us, explain the problem and provide purchase voucher and other relevant information.

3.Negotiate warranty matters:

Negotiate with us about the warranty period, free maintenance scope, etc.

4.Waiting for processing:

After we receive the feedback, we will handle it according to the actual situation, which may be maintenance guidance, exchange or refund, etc.

5.Confirm the processing results:

After receiving our processing results, be sure to confirm them in time and tell us whether you are satisfied.


It should be noted that when contacting our customer support team for warranty, it is recommended to keep communication open so that you can stay informed of the progress and results of the process. At the same time, we must also pay attention to protecting your personal information and avoid to disclose any your privacy.

What is the warranty for our water flosser?

Usually the warranty period of our water flosser is marked on the product manual. We provide a 1-year warranty for all of our portable water flosser and 2-year warranty for all of our countertop water flosser, but this warranty period is based on the purchase date of your order.

Besides, we only provide warranty service for customers who purchase directly from our our official website and our online store. We do not provide warranty for those purchases from any other dealer. Our device is not suitable for repairing internal parts, and we do not have any repair service center in abroad.

And accessories such as charging cord, wall charger and nozzles are not included in the free replacement scope for warranty. If you need these replacement accessories, you can purchase them from our online store.

If you still need more warranty details, feel free to contacts us directly through our official website.

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