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Oral Irrigator

Achieving Professionally Cleaned Teeth
in the Comfort of your Homes.

We are all about Oral Health and Cleaning

h2ofloss® is the leading manufacturer of dental oral irrigators. Our range of products are of the finest quality and surpasses performance of competing products in today’s marketplace.

One of the Top Selling Oral Irrigators in the market.

h2ofloss® Oral Irrigators go through stringent tests and quality check to ensure customers’ safety as well as effectiveness of the products.

Minutes of Care, Years of Health!

Oral Irrigator that helps to prevent plaque build-up and combats gingivitis

Fights Common Oral Diseases

fight gingivitis, periodontal diseases and bacteria with the revolutionary pulsating water jet.

Floss Hard to Reach Areas

cleans your bridgework, crowns, braces and implants effortlessly.

Remove Plaque and Reduce Gingivitis

removal of plaque & reduction of gingival bleeding.

Safe for Everyone

safe & effective on patients with diabetes and orthodontic appliances.

Why h2ofloss®

Comparable to Market Leaders

h2ofloss®  is the birth of a comparable dental water jet to the market leaders. We work with manufacturing experts in dental products to give you quality and assurance.

Amazing Quality at an Affordable Price

h2ofloss® produces high quality dental water jets at an attractive price which makes our products a great alternative to leading brands

Design with your Profit in mind

h2ofloss®’s range of products are designed and manufactured by industry experts at an efficient cost model to increase your profitability

Featured Products

$ 61.99

h2ofloss® hf-3 Classic Oral and Nasal Irrigator

$ 81.99

h2ofloss® hf-7 NT (Nasal & Tongue)

$ 65.99

h2ofloss® hf-3 Premium Oral and Nasal Irrigator

$ 81.99

h2ofloss® hf-7 Classic Oral and Nasal Irrigator

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